Evaluation and Research Services

David and Ivory Ministries, Inc. has collaborative agreements with Sam Houston State University and Texas Christian University’s, Institute of Behavioral Research (TCU’s IBR) for consultation/training, evaluation and research on funded program services through evidenced based self evaluation tools created and tested by TCU, IBR. These tools include but are not limited to:

1. Tools used to evaluate client motivation for treatment.

2. Tools used to evaluate client engagement in the treatment process

3. Tools used to evaluate client social functioning, criminal thinking and or volatility.

4. Survey of Criminal Justice Program Treatment Needs

5. Criminal Justice Organizational Readiness for Change

6. Criminal Justice Survey of Organizational Functioning

David and Ivory Ministries, Inc. in conjunction with Sam Houston University has collaborated to employ such a system that will allow the criminal justice system, Sam Houston University and David and Ivory Ministries, Inc. to screen data in a timely manner so as to adjust treatment to enhance and optimize results that include diminished alcohol and/or other drug use, improved family functioning, improved occupational functioning, less deviant and/or criminal activity, fewer contacts with the criminal justice system,
and improvement on a range of psychological variables.

It is our honor and extreme pleasure to present what we have coined as : “Real-Time Treatment”

This type of treatment introduce innovative and exciting therapy to the therapeutic community, it is an assessment system that is capable of providing real-time or immediate program changes for successful client outcomes and direct employment opportunities upon successful discharge from treatment.