Residential Services

The Lieutenant’s House is a community-based licensed treatment program located in a neighborhood setting for adults 18 and older. The Lieutenant’s House provides structured room and board. Also there are individualized master treatment plans developed by a licensed chemical dependency counselor (with input from all members of the treatment team). Cognitive Skill Training, Rational Behavior Training, Relapse Prevention Planning, and Motivational Interviewing are among the modalities integrated into our modified Therapeutic Community Program model.

This program uses a cognitive-behavioral approach within a modified therapeutic community setting, which is based on the most current evidenced-based curriculum and treatment. Structured learning experiences and treatment interventions are offered to teach adaptive cognitive-behavioral, academic, pre-vocational, vocational and social and life skills.

The Lieutenant House provides individuals, groups and family counseling. Transitional services include job readiness, job placement, life and social skills, educational and financial classes.