Transitional Housing

David & Ivory Ministries, Inc. has secured a 21 Unit apartment complex at 9100 Dodson Street, Houston, Texas named the “New Lieutenant’s House”. As part of the vision of Lt. Manuel Fields, the “New Lieutenant’s House” now offers Transitional Housing.This services provides housing to clients ranging from six months to one year. It is a structured living environment that allows each client to practice life and social skills, and work on independent living skills daily. Individuals that are in the transitional housing program are required to make a minimum of one AA/NA or CA meeting per week.

In preparation for living an independent life, each client will attend classes such as, but not limited to:

a. Budgeting/Savings Accounts

b. The Importance of Good Credit/Credit Repair

c. Home Buying

d. Health & Wellness

e. Job Readiness

f. Relapse Prevention

The senior clients that are in transitional housing become mentors and role models for the clients that are in their early stages of recovery.